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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Three Wise Men...

... And after them all, there shall be three other whom shall be like unto the Father and Son. They shall love as a brother and fight like heroes, they shall tread parts that forever shall be dreaded... and there shall be no sweeter story, no further interesting legendary Known in the history of the Benin Cotonou Mission than these...
I Can't help but refer to them again as THE THREE AMIGOS!, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!
Taking the story a bit earlier, I had not really cause for alarm on my mission, I've had good Areas, nice members, good people around but the one and only thing I have not really been lucky about is having companions!
I had it all, like I really did, It was not a very funny experience for me, Like I had always said before now, the mission is not fair!!!
But now, I take back my words, the mission is fair!. Maybe for a while things won't really go the way you want them to, maybe for a very long while, but there is one thing I know for sure, you will get better, you surely will... its by way promise...
In the midst of a total distress of a very pathetic and down casting host of very heart aching experiences,
The good lord called me out on the burning fire and placed me in a cool rushing waters of excessive rest and  comfort! At first when I met with the Hawkins/ Lala companionship, I thought it was a from from frying pan to fire progression, but after the departure of the  chief apostate, and Oliverson was called, I new we had a mission to organize THE THREE AMIGOS, FRIENDS FOREVER!!!

show me Three companions that truly understand themselves and do as much as possible to keep whats of the most important in missionary work- unity, among them.
Show me those missionaries that appreciate the opportunity of companionship in missionary work, and I'll show you this picture below...
Its not that hard to recognize when they are found, isn't  it?

Are they not so pretty? Do you think among them there is any perfect? well ofcourse except for Mr sais tous, if you know what I mean... I don't think there are not a problem in this companionship, nor has the devil cease to try them but on the contrary, I see three wise men, who are willing to humble themselves and learn to do everything within their power to let things work out among them. And most interestingly I see three FRIENDS! Yes! three friends. That's the most interesting lesson I've been able to learn about successful companionship, they are  always good friends, that finds  interest in one another, with the motto that without my companion, I can't be an effective missionary, though some success may be archived, the greatest success is being your companion's best friend, the greatest success are realized at home, with neighbors, and family members. and as  far as missionary work is concerned, i can't see a better fit to neighbors, families and friend than your companions. 
I've come to understand that I can always make it work!
come to think of it, If I can't make it work for the 3 months I'm gonna be with my companion, how can I make it work for all ETERNITY with my eternal companion???


                         ISN'T SHE PRETTY??????????????????????????