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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

                      Joyeuse Fete de Noel Mes Cher(e)s

                                       il ya trois choses que vous devez savoir sur ce qui se passe avec moi,
j'aime Oliverson!

J`aime partager pendant les temps de fete

Je suis fatigué de la viande du port  yaaaaa ça me fatigue!!!!!

                     Alors, Pour cette fete de noel, regardez un peu ce que j'ai à vous                                                                           montrer:

Elder Izekor turns twenty, also available on You tube!!!

My Transfer from Fidjrosse to the Mission office
It was one of the days I can never forget in my Mission!!
From your left hand we have Elder Merrill, his from Utah, on the US of A and the person on his left hand was Elder Gomun our previous assistant to the mission president, he was Elder Merrill's Trainer! he is from Ivory Coast.
(funny enough, at about 8 months later, Elder Merrill became an Assistant)
And then we have me, that was leaving for the mission office that day and I was replaced by Elder Jenkins from the US of A too, we started the mission together in the same zone in Togo (Tokoin).
And on his left hand was le Dix, the Ten!!! hahaha what a stupid name!!! anyways, he is from Ivory coast and he was my companion before the transfer.

Elder Izekor turns twenty is some thing you need to follow up on You tube!
trust me, it's more than just a birthday!
The person grabbing me is Elder Rybin from Utah, next to him backing the Camera is Elder Bulunga and next to Elder Bulunga with a very broad smile  is Elder Oliverson, my favorite comp!!! 
and the person sitting down with a fork is Elder Merrill Hahaha

Elder Seifert Arrives the mission Home!!!
Can you believe he speaks Chinese?!!!
That to me is incredible!!!

Wow, Another Nigeria in the Benin Cotonou Mission!
Making 3 Nigeria Elders

The last super
The Benin Cotonou Mission Staff meets in a Hugh Dinner

It's such a great thing to serve the lord, there's no other greater joy, larger satisfaction than this!!!

Hurrah, I'm Finally Back

                                                       Elder Hawkins' departure

                                                        Elder Izekor turns Twenty

                                               What a Party, Can follow up on YouTube
                                                             Elder Seifert's Arrival
                                                    Third Nigerian Elder In the mission
                                                                The last super

                                      The Benin Cotonou Mission Staff having a Cool dinner