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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

                      Joyeuse Fete de Noel Mes Cher(e)s

                                       il ya trois choses que vous devez savoir sur ce qui se passe avec moi,
j'aime Oliverson!

J`aime partager pendant les temps de fete

Je suis fatigué de la viande du port  yaaaaa ça me fatigue!!!!!

                     Alors, Pour cette fete de noel, regardez un peu ce que j'ai à vous                                                                           montrer:

Elder Izekor turns twenty, also available on You tube!!!

My Transfer from Fidjrosse to the Mission office
It was one of the days I can never forget in my Mission!!
From your left hand we have Elder Merrill, his from Utah, on the US of A and the person on his left hand was Elder Gomun our previous assistant to the mission president, he was Elder Merrill's Trainer! he is from Ivory Coast.
(funny enough, at about 8 months later, Elder Merrill became an Assistant)
And then we have me, that was leaving for the mission office that day and I was replaced by Elder Jenkins from the US of A too, we started the mission together in the same zone in Togo (Tokoin).
And on his left hand was le Dix, the Ten!!! hahaha what a stupid name!!! anyways, he is from Ivory coast and he was my companion before the transfer.

Elder Izekor turns twenty is some thing you need to follow up on You tube!
trust me, it's more than just a birthday!
The person grabbing me is Elder Rybin from Utah, next to him backing the Camera is Elder Bulunga and next to Elder Bulunga with a very broad smile  is Elder Oliverson, my favorite comp!!! 
and the person sitting down with a fork is Elder Merrill Hahaha

Elder Seifert Arrives the mission Home!!!
Can you believe he speaks Chinese?!!!
That to me is incredible!!!

Wow, Another Nigeria in the Benin Cotonou Mission!
Making 3 Nigeria Elders

The last super
The Benin Cotonou Mission Staff meets in a Hugh Dinner

It's such a great thing to serve the lord, there's no other greater joy, larger satisfaction than this!!!

Hurrah, I'm Finally Back

                                                       Elder Hawkins' departure

                                                        Elder Izekor turns Twenty

                                               What a Party, Can follow up on YouTube
                                                             Elder Seifert's Arrival
                                                    Third Nigerian Elder In the mission
                                                                The last super

                                      The Benin Cotonou Mission Staff having a Cool dinner

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcome Back!!!

Cette semaine a été une très belle semaine pour moi!
Je suis très reconnaissant envers mon père celeste pour le compagnon il m'a donné, Elder Oliverson! Il est jusqu'ici mon collegue préferé!
Hey, il faut pas dire à quelqu'un.
Yes ooo! Things has being going on great for me this week even though i turn out to be easily provoked and harsh, but anyways, a bucket of Ice-cream would do!!!!!!

There is one funny thing about me I just discovered this week, It has to do with the way I respond to what goes on around me.
I just found out that i React!!!
Some people would be wondering what that's supposed to mean????
To react is as simple as it applies! You talked to me in not very polite manner, i reply being impolite as a result of your being rude to me! You said something that everybody thinks is not very acceptable, I react by taking away this cute smile off my bright face, letting the darkness of anger and fowning the lord of the day. It's just not right! it takes two to tangle! Even after the worst has happened, you still have that very significant power and right to Act instead of reacting to other's attitude, to keep your cool and not say anything at all, or to Smile.
It's the devil, he makes us see how annoying the other person is first, then, gives us ideas on how we could react to what has happened. But shame on you satan!
To this effect, I promise to do my best not to get angry at anyone or react to what others do and to be my companion's keeper!
I'm happy you're my comp...



Kegue lome!

Beach party!!!!

Hey!  Rumors are over the air, did you hear what they said is going on between these two? 
My dear, this is getting more serious than Ebola!!!
At first, they aren't  doing nothing. It all started like a dream, like a vision , like a little flower grow!
then they broke the very first calabash of friendship, it became obvious that something was going on, but what it was, we knew not!
later on when the affection, or probably infatuation became a very deep stuff, hey! people started gossiping!
That even the girl's Dad thinks that there is ... going on!!!
but the big question is, What is really going on? and would all these gossips stop whatever may be going on?
As for me, I think they're cute! they're full of love, one for the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Three Wise Men...

... And after them all, there shall be three other whom shall be like unto the Father and Son. They shall love as a brother and fight like heroes, they shall tread parts that forever shall be dreaded... and there shall be no sweeter story, no further interesting legendary Known in the history of the Benin Cotonou Mission than these...
I Can't help but refer to them again as THE THREE AMIGOS!, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!
Taking the story a bit earlier, I had not really cause for alarm on my mission, I've had good Areas, nice members, good people around but the one and only thing I have not really been lucky about is having companions!
I had it all, like I really did, It was not a very funny experience for me, Like I had always said before now, the mission is not fair!!!
But now, I take back my words, the mission is fair!. Maybe for a while things won't really go the way you want them to, maybe for a very long while, but there is one thing I know for sure, you will get better, you surely will... its by way promise...
In the midst of a total distress of a very pathetic and down casting host of very heart aching experiences,
The good lord called me out on the burning fire and placed me in a cool rushing waters of excessive rest and  comfort! At first when I met with the Hawkins/ Lala companionship, I thought it was a from from frying pan to fire progression, but after the departure of the  chief apostate, and Oliverson was called, I new we had a mission to organize THE THREE AMIGOS, FRIENDS FOREVER!!!

show me Three companions that truly understand themselves and do as much as possible to keep whats of the most important in missionary work- unity, among them.
Show me those missionaries that appreciate the opportunity of companionship in missionary work, and I'll show you this picture below...
Its not that hard to recognize when they are found, isn't  it?

Are they not so pretty? Do you think among them there is any perfect? well ofcourse except for Mr sais tous, if you know what I mean... I don't think there are not a problem in this companionship, nor has the devil cease to try them but on the contrary, I see three wise men, who are willing to humble themselves and learn to do everything within their power to let things work out among them. And most interestingly I see three FRIENDS! Yes! three friends. That's the most interesting lesson I've been able to learn about successful companionship, they are  always good friends, that finds  interest in one another, with the motto that without my companion, I can't be an effective missionary, though some success may be archived, the greatest success is being your companion's best friend, the greatest success are realized at home, with neighbors, and family members. and as  far as missionary work is concerned, i can't see a better fit to neighbors, families and friend than your companions. 
I've come to understand that I can always make it work!
come to think of it, If I can't make it work for the 3 months I'm gonna be with my companion, how can I make it work for all ETERNITY with my eternal companion???


                         ISN'T SHE PRETTY??????????????????????????

Saturday, July 5, 2014

GLORY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its truly what we call the glory days!!!

They were and  truly still are days of many memories...

i love Oliverson!!!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yo!!! Team Nigerians!!!
Well, may the autobiography continues, since it seems like  I've gotten a little bit of time to so...
So, Where did we stop???
D.J Yankee!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha... very funny, you know, its funny when people come on a mission and get to go back home because they think they are not yet prepared to serve on a mission then funny enough, others go home because they think they are too prepared or too good to serve a successful or full-time mission, hahaha, My Son was too good to finish his mission. Anyways, Africa was a total frustration for him so, he committed suicide! yeah, yeah, thankfully he didn't buy the whole of Benin from Iyayi  Bonni (President of Benin) before leaving, cause i know he may not even had  sold any of his planes or ships or hotels nor even his Limousines to pay for it Hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a Total Apostasy! Now before i end this episode, let me leave you guys with some themes i classified our stay together as...
The Genesis.
The Second Vision.
The Supremacy.
Love birds.
The Fall.
The Dark age.
The Phantoms and strange spirits.
Partial restoration.
Complete Apostasy
Weariness and lost of Desire.
The Bottle is  broken!
The ship sunk!
The Road of No Return
The tragic End!
 Later, much later i would explain each doctrine behind all of these principles... Hahaha!!!
I cried at the death of my one and only disowned son, I saw him struggle till it became good, he taught me patience, humility and the greatest of all, Charity!!!, but just at the point the helping hand was coming for his rescue, He gave up...
But sadly enough, i got to understand that in the mission field, you don't pray for problem to pass-over, you pray for strength to solve them, and the more patient you are, the more patient people would want you to be.
My dear, it got worse!!! following to the death of my Disowned son, Was transfer and guess who was replacing him...........................
Le dix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O my gosh, it is Finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what i call, no peace for the calm,"progressive trails, Dynamic disaster!!!"
I don't even need to explain how it was because i  know praticaly everyone knows le dix!!!!!!!


Thank God, I didn't get to loose a tooth before my separation from the ten, it was an awful match!!! it was a complete joke! things didn't even work out, not even while we pretended! but anyways, i know, he must be doing his featuring with Jenkins anytime soon. yeah and he also must have been begged by president to finish his mission before going to America to feature Micheal Jackson, Hahaha!!! i don't know if his planning to  resuscitate him our probably he would just join him in the spirit world.Hahaaaaaaaa!
What more can go wrong???
Then I got Hanpkin!!!!!!!!!
The glory-days began!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though he is full of crap some times and he is kinda apostate but, what is the Israelite apostasy compared to the great apostasy??? Nothing oooh!
Sorry! i don't have time now to finish it so, later

Saturday, June 28, 2014


These past few weeks has been very interesting for me, time passing by so quickly and things getting different and weird.
So since i just started my blog only but a while ago, i would like y'all to know about me and my missionary life here in the Benin Cotonou Mission.
it all started on the 31 May 2013, when myself and about 18 older young male and female missionaries from Nigeria, Arrived the Ghana M.T.C. It was about 2:30 pm Ghana time. each one of us had just left our homes yesterday and i was feeling kinda sick because i had eating too much in the hotel we passed the night(Deng it! the hotel was freaking cool!) It has begun!!! Quite sooner, we got companions from all other nationalities who were there with us too. we rejoined our self with about 50 other missionaries all across the world, Ghana, Ivory-coast (where my companion was from), Uganda, America and lot more... 

If two years could pass-by pretty soon, i wonder how soon a week and 1 day could pass... 
We the ABINADI DISTRICT ; Fearless and super ready for the field, sets-off into the reality of missionary work!!! its was still fun to me though i didn't speak french or anything, i just knew i would do OK!
French was very hard! But anyways, i had they best trainer on earth that everyone even the devil would ever had wanted and despite the fact that my french sucked and still kinda sucks LOL, we still did had wonderful times together, i really didn't even cared if i could not speak the language right, i enjoying my mission, that was all that really matters...
Elder Izekor, and Elder Edwards, the best trainer in the World!!! And President and Sister Weed. The Best!

Omo 9ja!!!


                                                                                 Adidogome District, Where it all STARTED!!!

 But it's quite unfurtunate that mission is not all bed of roses, ... Tranfer came and i was to face the first trail of Faith, Gnaho... Well i did'nt say anything huh, and i do know also that those letters i'd joined together isn't a name of anyone so... Deng it!!! 3 months of long trails, ups and down, troubles, oh no! when will the next transfer come???
Knock, knock, knock! its transfer! I was really thankful that at long last, it finally came to my rescue. I was transfered to Benin, the land of voodoo,lol. I was assigned with Gundy. Note, with gundy, you must know 3 things...

 He Was Tired!!!
                         He Hated Africa!!!
                                                    He was Better than Baird!!!
I really knew our companionship was not mean't to last long as he was going home in 6 weeks, but it was still the longest 6 weeks of my mission, even though we still did shared nice moments together! please if you know gundy, tell him Edwards gave me his super great camera! anyways, he taught me how to be a true friend to investigators
But 6 weeks is not forever, it came and passed by and I was then called to, It was thez most spiritaul moment of my mission, except for the M.TC and others... But anyways I was called to train a Tahitian TAAMINO!!!
and then i give to the episode

 Could things get any worse??? if my giant king started to complain and call president even before he arrived in the field!!! Hmmm it was interesting! the second vision, Being a PILOT, ARMY, D.J YANKEES, BROKEN BACK THAT CAN GET HEALED ANY TIME HE WANTS IT TO, CHASED BY A GHOST, TITOI? PARATOI FLIP TOTAL!!!   OH MY GOSH WHAT MORE COULD BE WORSE? I CONFESS TO YOU, IT WAS HELL IT SELF!