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Monday, May 11, 2015

                                  THE END @ CALAVI...

Quelle belle histoire, 
     It's very interesting how two years passes so fast that i lost track of time!!! What an interesting legendary coming to an end!!! I can't believe that the mission I've always dream't about all my life is coming to an end in less than 15 days!!!
Well, my days in Calavi are not very funny once! lets just say the Devil is trying to punishment for the so much of a comforting mission I served and for all the immeasurable success I encountered whilst i served!!! 
lets take it from the Top, I had the best Trainer in the World!!!! the very best of all the bests: Elder Edwards Wade!!! He was awesome!! and we had so much success and interesting times, spirit feeling moments at Adidogome in Togo where i started off my mission and then I left for Fidjrosse to go baptize the heck out of the freaking Beninois!!! I baptized like everybody that came my way and got those that weren't married, married and then got them baptized!!!
 Yeah,  I rose like a rising generation, i went to the mission office where i became the BOSS!!! had my best companions ever!!! Trevor Oliverson Jared and Trevor Hawkins!!! these two kids were awesome!!! they made my mission complete!!! they were  total God-sent to my life!!! and then, 
But because things happens and the lord needed me at Calavi, i GOT SENT THERE!!! to do what all the other inexperienced missionaries couldn't!!!
Hey! Calavi isn't easy at all! it's like a cursed Area where nothing works!!!
I was gonna ask for a transfer during my last 6 weeks but for some reasons I felt the lord wanted me to remain in calavi. 
well, funny enough, I decided to stay, it was only until then, I started to understand that the lord's way is never ours... things didn't change, but I did, I came to find out that in every Area of my mission there has always been a lesson to learn't that I could call an Area theme and that of Calavi is
                                              "loving the lord more than my own self..."
Instead of returning to a better Area to work and letting someone else come suffer for the lord, I rather do it!!! If i won't then who will??? mission is not all about having success, but learning to endure suffering in the name of God or for Christ's sake or changing the worse pain into comfort... Come to think of it, through success comes from heavenly matters, and only God decides where success is or when we're truly successful. Even if before the world we're not...I can't help but thing about when all Christ's numerous disciples (followers) left him for reasons of fear, discouragement, suffering and mockery. He turned to his back and founded only 12 men behind him, his apostles, He then asked them, are you not also going to leave me like the multitude??? And Peter, my favorite Apostle of all replied and said "where shall we go if we hath left thee?" in other words, we have nowhere else to go, nobody else to run to. if it be the case, we will cry with thee, we will die with thee, for thou art our leader and we are thine followers!!!

in this same manner i reply, maybe with a lesser faith though!