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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yo!!! Team Nigerians!!!
Well, may the autobiography continues, since it seems like  I've gotten a little bit of time to so...
So, Where did we stop???
D.J Yankee!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha... very funny, you know, its funny when people come on a mission and get to go back home because they think they are not yet prepared to serve on a mission then funny enough, others go home because they think they are too prepared or too good to serve a successful or full-time mission, hahaha, My Son was too good to finish his mission. Anyways, Africa was a total frustration for him so, he committed suicide! yeah, yeah, thankfully he didn't buy the whole of Benin from Iyayi  Bonni (President of Benin) before leaving, cause i know he may not even had  sold any of his planes or ships or hotels nor even his Limousines to pay for it Hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a Total Apostasy! Now before i end this episode, let me leave you guys with some themes i classified our stay together as...
The Genesis.
The Second Vision.
The Supremacy.
Love birds.
The Fall.
The Dark age.
The Phantoms and strange spirits.
Partial restoration.
Complete Apostasy
Weariness and lost of Desire.
The Bottle is  broken!
The ship sunk!
The Road of No Return
The tragic End!
 Later, much later i would explain each doctrine behind all of these principles... Hahaha!!!
I cried at the death of my one and only disowned son, I saw him struggle till it became good, he taught me patience, humility and the greatest of all, Charity!!!, but just at the point the helping hand was coming for his rescue, He gave up...
But sadly enough, i got to understand that in the mission field, you don't pray for problem to pass-over, you pray for strength to solve them, and the more patient you are, the more patient people would want you to be.
My dear, it got worse!!! following to the death of my Disowned son, Was transfer and guess who was replacing him...........................
Le dix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O my gosh, it is Finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what i call, no peace for the calm,"progressive trails, Dynamic disaster!!!"
I don't even need to explain how it was because i  know praticaly everyone knows le dix!!!!!!!


Thank God, I didn't get to loose a tooth before my separation from the ten, it was an awful match!!! it was a complete joke! things didn't even work out, not even while we pretended! but anyways, i know, he must be doing his featuring with Jenkins anytime soon. yeah and he also must have been begged by president to finish his mission before going to America to feature Micheal Jackson, Hahaha!!! i don't know if his planning to  resuscitate him our probably he would just join him in the spirit world.Hahaaaaaaaa!
What more can go wrong???
Then I got Hanpkin!!!!!!!!!
The glory-days began!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though he is full of crap some times and he is kinda apostate but, what is the Israelite apostasy compared to the great apostasy??? Nothing oooh!
Sorry! i don't have time now to finish it so, later

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