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Saturday, June 28, 2014


These past few weeks has been very interesting for me, time passing by so quickly and things getting different and weird.
So since i just started my blog only but a while ago, i would like y'all to know about me and my missionary life here in the Benin Cotonou Mission.
it all started on the 31 May 2013, when myself and about 18 older young male and female missionaries from Nigeria, Arrived the Ghana M.T.C. It was about 2:30 pm Ghana time. each one of us had just left our homes yesterday and i was feeling kinda sick because i had eating too much in the hotel we passed the night(Deng it! the hotel was freaking cool!) It has begun!!! Quite sooner, we got companions from all other nationalities who were there with us too. we rejoined our self with about 50 other missionaries all across the world, Ghana, Ivory-coast (where my companion was from), Uganda, America and lot more... 

If two years could pass-by pretty soon, i wonder how soon a week and 1 day could pass... 
We the ABINADI DISTRICT ; Fearless and super ready for the field, sets-off into the reality of missionary work!!! its was still fun to me though i didn't speak french or anything, i just knew i would do OK!
French was very hard! But anyways, i had they best trainer on earth that everyone even the devil would ever had wanted and despite the fact that my french sucked and still kinda sucks LOL, we still did had wonderful times together, i really didn't even cared if i could not speak the language right, i enjoying my mission, that was all that really matters...
Elder Izekor, and Elder Edwards, the best trainer in the World!!! And President and Sister Weed. The Best!

Omo 9ja!!!


                                                                                 Adidogome District, Where it all STARTED!!!

 But it's quite unfurtunate that mission is not all bed of roses, ... Tranfer came and i was to face the first trail of Faith, Gnaho... Well i did'nt say anything huh, and i do know also that those letters i'd joined together isn't a name of anyone so... Deng it!!! 3 months of long trails, ups and down, troubles, oh no! when will the next transfer come???
Knock, knock, knock! its transfer! I was really thankful that at long last, it finally came to my rescue. I was transfered to Benin, the land of voodoo,lol. I was assigned with Gundy. Note, with gundy, you must know 3 things...

 He Was Tired!!!
                         He Hated Africa!!!
                                                    He was Better than Baird!!!
I really knew our companionship was not mean't to last long as he was going home in 6 weeks, but it was still the longest 6 weeks of my mission, even though we still did shared nice moments together! please if you know gundy, tell him Edwards gave me his super great camera! anyways, he taught me how to be a true friend to investigators
But 6 weeks is not forever, it came and passed by and I was then called to, It was thez most spiritaul moment of my mission, except for the M.TC and others... But anyways I was called to train a Tahitian TAAMINO!!!
and then i give to the episode

 Could things get any worse??? if my giant king started to complain and call president even before he arrived in the field!!! Hmmm it was interesting! the second vision, Being a PILOT, ARMY, D.J YANKEES, BROKEN BACK THAT CAN GET HEALED ANY TIME HE WANTS IT TO, CHASED BY A GHOST, TITOI? PARATOI FLIP TOTAL!!!   OH MY GOSH WHAT MORE COULD BE WORSE? I CONFESS TO YOU, IT WAS HELL IT SELF!


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  1. Wishing you a year that is filled with all the fragrance of
    roses, illuminated with all the lights of the world and be
    blessed with all the smiles on the planet. Hope this year will
    be the year when all your dreams come true. Happy New
    Year 2015 to ELDER IZEKOR